Stained glass ( fiberglass) windows

Decorative fiberglass panels  in sliding windows

fiberglass panels as light catcher

decorative fiberglass stained glass   add accent  to the room

fiberglass stained glass panels

fiberglass window panels replicate nature

fiberglass window provide light and privacy to any room
Stained glass panels in wood sliding windows

8 Horses in fiberglass (stained glass)

Fiberglass window

Fiberglass ( stained glass) Art   view from the interior of house

Fiberglass( stained glass) panel . View from exterior of house

Fiberglass Divider 

Fiberglass ( Stained glass( Fixed windows and   sliding wood windows with fiberglass panels as light catcher.

Wood sliding windows with fiberglass panels  that catch light from  outside.

Fiberglass  Art ( stained glass)   adds accent  and light to the staircase  landing.

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Dekora Glass Art  decorative fiberglass are unbreakable and affordable. They create radiant environments of lights and color  while maintaining safety and privacy. Translucent  textured  fiberglass are reinforced with steel   for added durability. Our artists can collaborate with your design ideas and can replicate your artwork to  bring your vision to life. 

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Etched Mirror in Metallic Gold Finish

This is vintage mirror with a time-worn charm that adds sense of Old World glamour with its antiqued mercury glass. Dimension: 49" x 29" Larger sizes are available.

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Bouquet of Flowers

The Last Supper

Sacred Heart of Jesus Stained Glass

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